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Graphic Design in a White Cube
Moravian Gallery, Brno

Graphic Design in a White Cube
Moravian Gallery, Brno, CZ
June 13 – October 15, 2006

Curator: Peter Bil’ak

Statements: «The exhibition critically questions possibilities of organising graphic design exhibitions. Nineteen designers and collectives were commissioned to design a poster for the design exhibition in which they participate. Instead of bringing work from the outside to the gallery, the work is made for the gallery. Instead of recreating the context for the exhibition, gallery conditions are the context for the work. The posters function on two levels: the collection of posters constitutes the exhibition, and copies of the posters are spread around the city to inform visitors about the exhibition.» (
«To emphasise the idea that graphic design is the result of a process rather than focusing on a finished outcome, the exhibition material was presented on metal sheets, held in place by small removable magnets. All sketches produced by the designed during the project are presented next to the final posters.» (
Participants: Stuart Bailey & David Reinfurt, Julia Born, Dimitri Bruni & Manuel Krebs (Norm), Peter Buchannan Smith, Sulki & Min Choi, Elliott Earls, Paul Elliman, Experimental Jetset, Éric Gaspar & Marie Bertholle (Éric and Marie), James Goggin (Practice), Harmine Louwé, Kei Matsushita, Luna Maurer, Mevis & Van Deursen, Scott Stowell (Open), Manuel Raeder, Round, and Jon Sueda & Gail Swanlund (Stripe).

Catalogue of the exhibition: Graphic Design in the White Cube includes an essay by M/M Paris on the relevance of posters today, and reacting the concept of the exhibition.

The introductory essay by Peter Bil’ak is available via typotheque and via

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