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Monthly Archives: March 2012

ABC Primer – Rainbow Series
Magazijn, Amsterdam

ABC Primer — Rainbow Series Magazijn, Amsterdam, NL March 30 – April 1, 2012 Designer: Cobbenhagen Hendriksen ABC Primer – Rainbow Series includes 26 silkscreened posters (A–Z), size 72 X 102 cm in different print runs, in a total of 900 posters, which are for sale and on view at Magazijn. Statement: «Using the ABC-Primer […]

Richard Hollis

Richard Hollis traveling exhibition, first held at the Libby Sellars Gallery, London, March 23 – April 28, 2012 (later held at: Centre Pompidou, Paris [February 2013]; ECAL, Lausanne [April 2013]; and Artists Space, New York [September 2013]) Curator: Emily King Statement: «As part of the team that turned John Berger’s epochal BBC TV series Ways […]

Exhibition Prosthetics

In analyzing the points of view of some graphic designers and curators about design exhibition, as they appeared in “Graphic” magazine (n. 11, 2009), we noticed their tendency to regard curatorship and exhibition making, on the one hand, and editorial design and editing, on the other, as practices that can be alternative and complementary, as […]

Presentation or re-presentation?
Our Polite Society and Na Kim

One of the issue that exhibiting graphic design poses, especially when displaying already existing work, is that of presentation/re-presentation. Collaborating with Our Polite Society for their exhibition held in 2011 at HBKsaar Gallery, Saarbrücken (DE), the Amsterdam-based photographer and artist Paulien Barbas reflected about this very issue. As he writes from his website, they decided […]

Ideas of Design Exhibition
“Graphic”, 2009, n. 11

In 2009 “Graphic” – a quarterly magazine based in Korea which covers, through monographic issues, topics that are topical for the practice and critique of graphic design – has devoted an issue to “Ideas of Design Exhibition.” This issue offers an interesting reference for our research, since it has caught a rising phenomenon, that of […]