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Collecting History, Collecting Design

Collecting History, Collecting Design Pratt GradComD Gallery, New York September 9 – November 25, 2013 Curators: Patricia Belen and Greg D’Onofrio (Display) Statement: «Collections tell stories. From the experimental to the playful to the rational, Collecting History, Collecting Design shows a distinct point-of-view about mid 20th century graphic design and some of its pioneers working […]


(image via Occuprint: We are the 99% ar/ge Kunst, Bolzano June 14 – August 03, 2013 Curator: Luigi Fassi in collaboration with Statement: «The Occupy phenomenon began with the occupation of Zuccotti Park, Wall Street, New York City, on 17 September 2011, and then quickly spread to 82 countries, unleashing an unexpected global […]

Thick as a Brick

Thick as a Brick Giò Marconi, Milan April 9-14, 2013 Curator: Maria Cristina Didero Design: Kuehn Malvezzi, Mousse Publishing and Petersen Statement: «Thick As A Brick presents a selection of more than 100 catalogues, books, art editions and zines published by Mousse and shown within three brick structures conceived by Kuehn Malvezzi and produced by […]

Graphic Design Worlds

Graphic Design Worlds Triennale Design Museum, Milan, IT January 6 – March 27, 2011 Curator: Giorgio Camuffo Assistant curator: Maddalena Dalla Mura Statement: «The Triennale Design Museum presents Graphic Design Worlds, the first major exhibition totally devoted to graphic design, that will be curated by Giorgio Camuffo. The Triennale Design Museum carries out this way […]

Place It

Place It. Thirteen Story Settings in Bolzano Public Space Lungomare Gallery, Bolzano, IT Manifesta 7 July 18 – October 13, 2008 Curator: Angelika Burtscher Statement: «The exhibition project Place it invite graphic designers to come to Bolzano and reflect on context-related geopolitical and sociocultural issues through four graphic art interventions in the public space. The […]