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An Art Service

OMMU, Athens, GR
May 20 – June 11, 2011

Statement: «Both a graphics firm as well as an indie publisher, An Art Service acts as an extension of the artist’s studio—a place where artist’s materials are bound together with their context.
OMMU presents a collection of publications, posters and stuff produced by An Art Service. Included are gritty hand towels of Paul Lee laid onto blue, pink and purple pastels, cultural debris and other refuse assembled by Nate Lowman, graphic charcoal drawings by Lee Lozano’s bound in a bright red orange fabric, a wistful tracing of Dan Colen ambling through New York, a portfolio of Christopher Wool’s paintings inspired by nocturnal banalities—each defining a unique art practice that is a part of the city. This installation is all to show the various materials that inspire the designs—the text of an Ed Ruscha painting informs An Art Service’s styles as much as the color and texture of a banana peel.
An Art Service—founded by Brendan Dugan in NY—began its collaborations with artists and artist estates in 2007 to provide a service to contextualize their practice.»