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Redundancy: The Usefulness of Repetition
Experimenta Design, Lisbon

Redundancy: The Usefulness of Repetition
Lisbon, PG (urban intervention on the occasion of EXD 2011)
September 29 — November 27 2011

Curators: Lizá Ramalho and Artur Rebelo (R2 Design)

Statement: «Lizá Ramalho and Artur Rebelo curated the series of urban interventions for EXD, 2011 in Lisbon. They invited five communication design studios to explore the possibilities of redundancy and questioned its usefulness.
Project description: We want to reflect on the usefulness and uselessness of things. In that context, redundancy is a concept that, at first glance, refers to unnecessary excess. However, confronted with an imperfect reality where errors and severances are inevitable, communication, be it oral, visual or written, often falls back on redundancy in order to secure its effectiveness.
In practice, the absence of redundancy is rare, and a design project seeks to find its right measure, determined by the designer’s position according to the contexts and contents in question.
Free from the constraints of everyday practice, five communication design studios explored the possibilities of redundancy and questioned its usefulness. Transgressing the bidimensionality to which they are usually confined, they have created urban interventions of an ephemeral nature, having the Praça da Figueira as the stage for an exploration on the possibilities of designing the message. The many meanings and angles of this notion are perceivable through the heterogeneity of the installations produced. Studios with various approaches, distinct languages, and their very own understanding of communication design were invited to participate. […]» (extract from the curators’ statement)

Participants: Luke Morgan + Morag Myerscough (UK), Frédéric Teschner (FR), Lust (NL), Conditional Design, Luna Maurer + Roel Wouters (NL), Sulki & Min (KR).