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ABC Primer – Rainbow Series
Magazijn, Amsterdam

ABC Primer — Rainbow Series
Magazijn, Amsterdam, NL
March 30 – April 1, 2012

Designer: Cobbenhagen Hendriksen

ABC Primer – Rainbow Series includes 26 silkscreened posters (A–Z), size 72 X 102 cm in different print runs, in a total of 900 posters, which are for sale and on view at Magazijn.

Statement: «Using the ABC-Primer of design ‘principles’ (A is for Awareness, B is for Beauty, C is for Commitment …etc.), originally written for the exhibition on the identity for De Hallen Haarlem (December 2009), we (re-)appropriate our design related solutions, typography and aesthetics from works made for several commissioners. Playing around with characteristic, distinctive or typical elements and re-using these in a different context, resulted in this poster series containing a colorful remix of sketches, ideas, projects and proposals.»