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Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2011

Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2011 (awarded in January 2012)
first held at Helmhaus Zürich, Zurich, July 5-8, 2012
and later traveling to other venues (see schedule)

Statement: «The competition ‘The Most Beautiful Swiss Books’ on an annual basis. It thereby recognizes excellence in the field of book design and production, as well drawing attention to remarkable and contemporary books by Swiss designers, printers and publishers. The independent, five-member jury presided by Manuel Krebs, awarded a total of 27 books from a total of 392 submissions as the most beautiful Swiss books of 2011. The Jan Tschichold Award, which honours excellence in the field of book design, this year goes to printer Erich Keiser of the Druckerei Odermatt in Dallenwil (canton of Nidwalden), Switzerland.
For the first time in nine years, two children’s books have been awarded: ‘Oskar Tiger’ by Dieter Meier and Franziska Burkhardt (Kein & Aber) as well as ‘Ghost Knigi’ by Benjamin Sommerhalder (Nieves).
The jury takes into account each book’s overall concept, graphic design and typography, and pays particular attention to innovation and originality. Further criteria include the quality of the printing and the cover, the binding and the materials used.
From 6. to 11. July 2012, the The Most Beautiful Swiss Books will be exhibited at the Helmhaus Zürich, alongside the simultaneous publication of the catalogue showcasing the competition (design: Aude Lehmann). On the occasion of the exhibition opening, the Jan Tschichold Award winner will receive his award.
In the autumn of this year, the books will be presented, for the first time, at ECAL/University of Art & Design Lausanne. As in the previous year, all the submitted books entered into the competition will be displayed alongside the award-winning titles.»

Below, the installation of the same show in Treviso, Italy, curated by