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Researchers’ Night 2012, September 28

The research project was presented in the framework of the Researchers’ Night held at the Free University of Bolzano. The Researchers’ Night is an event taking place every year on a single night in about 300 cities all over Europe, with the aim of bringing together the public at large and researchers.
The installation, titled “The Grid”, was meant as the set for a participatory exhibit, made of images chosen by the public. People visiting the room were invited to think of visual connections to some images already on display. Images chosen by the public were downloaded from the Web and printed. After signing their chosen image, people used black magnetic frames, of different size, to display it on one of the yellow metallic panels on the wall. With the passing of time, a growing number of relations was configured and made visible on the walls, thus encouraging even more the public to stop and look at the display, to discuss images, and to think of other possible connections. The installation was highly appreciated and enjoyed by the public – both kids and adults.
The installation was intended as a “hook”, to enable the researchers to get the attention of the public and to explain them personally – along with the installation’s objectives – the aims and topic of the research project. The latter was also illustrated in a poster on display in the room.