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RISD MFA Graphic Design exhibition 2013

Rhode Island School of Design MFA Graphic Design exhibition 2013
RI Convention Center, Providence
May 17 – June 1, 2013

Statement: «Graphic Design as product and process occupies territories of the studio, the gallery, and the marketplace. Our exhibition demonstrates design’s hybrid character, functionally linked to commerce while producing expressions of cultural and aesthetic value.
Shop displays work created by the 18 graduates in the program, produced in multiples, available for purchase. Shop highlights graphic design as distributed and circulated —in books, posters, products, video, and other ephemera.
Show exists as a catalogue [via Lulu] of the same graduate works displayed in hypothetical space and time. Here, the work is represented on the white page as white cube, with the 18 students as curators, designers, artists, narrators, 
and publishers.
These two ways of seeing the same work explore the complicated status of contemporary design at the intersection of “fine art” and “commercial art” by simultaneously framing graphic design in the everyday and the curated encounter.»