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Collecting History, Collecting Design


Collecting History, Collecting Design
Pratt GradComD Gallery, New York
September 9 – November 25, 2013

Curators: Patricia Belen and Greg D’Onofrio (Display)
Statement: «Collections tell stories. From the experimental to the playful to the rational, Collecting History, Collecting Design shows a distinct point-of-view about mid 20th century graphic design and some of its pioneers working in the United States, Italy, and Switzerland–when Modernism’s distinctive graphic language emerged as an integral part of mass culture, from advertising and publicity to corporate identity.
This unique collection of over 150 works from “Display, Graphic Design Collection” highlights important building blocks of graphic design’s historical record featuring the varied and unique styles and sensibilities of the work of lesser-known designers and the lesser-known work of well-known design pioneers.»

More images available via flickr