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GEC proceedings now in print


(spreads of the GEC proceedings printed by B-R-U-N-O)

The proceedings of the conference Graphic Design, Exhibiting, Curating we organized in June 2012 are now in print. Bringing together a number of graphic designers, curators and critics engaged in exhibition-making and curating, the conference aimed at discussing the increasing engagement of graphic designers with exhibition and curatorial activities as means of production, mediation, discussion and dissemination of ideas and contents.
Published by BU Press, the proceedings feature contributions by Brave New Alps, Charlotte Cheetham (, Mieke Gerritzen (Museum of the Image, Breda), Lungomare/Lupo&Burtscher, Prem Krishnamurthy (Project Projects), and Jon Sueda; extracts from the discussions that followed each panel; and an introductory essay by the editors, Giorgio Camuffo and Maddalena Dalla Mura. Graphic design of the layout by Martin Kerschbaumer.

The book will be soon available for purchase from BU Press catalogue.