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European Championship of Graphic Design

European Championship of Graphic Design
Graphic Design Museum Breda, NL
June 11 – September 2008

«The opening of the new Graphic Design Museum in Breda (the Netherlands) coincides with the European Championship Football in Austria and Switzerland. So the idea of letting 11 European graphic designers ‘play’ at this time sounds logical. Their ‘game’ will take place inside and outside the museum. Inside the museum 11 designers collaborate and work together in one large room. Outside the museum every designer creates a poster that will be posted throughout the Netherlands in the weeks around the opening. The intention is that Graphic Designers from different parts of Europe meet and communicate with each other – something that designers during their daily work tend to forget.
The result will be a selection and overview of Graphic Design in Europe at this moment. The exhibition is curated by Erik Kessels of the Amsterdam and London based communication agency KesselsKramer. He picked competitors from well-known designers back in their home country to young talent, all relatively new for the Dutch audience. The exhibition will be a crossover between idea, illustration and typography based designers.
The players in the European Championship of Graphic Design are: Browns (UK), Cum*(Belgium), Antoine+Manuel (France), Anthony Burrill (UK), Anna Szilit (Austria), Dennis Eriksson (Sweden), Fons Hickmann (Germany), HappyPets (Switzerland), Pixelgarten (Germany), Scott King (UK) and KesselsKramer (NL).»