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Dutch Design Database on show

Dutch Design Database
Graphic Design Museum Breda, NL
June 2009 – January 2010

«Around 1950, there were just over 100 graphic designers in the Netherlands. Sixty years later, there are more than 5000 people active in the graphic design sector. The exhibition Dutch Design Database shows how the profession has developed from a few individuals to a sector with 180 agencies with 5 or more employees and a total turnover of more than 400 million euro.

The exhibition is a database that is displayed in both a physical and in a digital, interactive form. The digital database contains some 15,000 designs. The database can be searched digitally and individual works can be viewed. The digital presentation also makes links between works according to designer, design or medium choice.

Digital Conservation
The Dutch Design Database will be further supplemented during the exhibition itself. Every designer can upload work via In this way, the exhibition hopes to contribute to the discussion about digital conservation of the graphic heritage and the conservation of digital graphic work.»