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Credit on Color

Credit on Color
Graphic Design Museum Breda, NL
Summer 2009

Statement: «… [T]he Graphic Design Museum is presenting thousands of credit cards, free cards, discount cards, gift cards and credit card look-alikes on one wall, arranged by colour. A rainbow of cards.
Credit cards and personal debit cards were invented by banks. Nowadays, it is no longer just banks that use this little plastic card measuring 45 by 86 mm. Shops, insurers, cafés, libraries, museums, cinemas, airline companies and public transport have all discovered the plastic card.
Your identity
The cards are all designed in a unique way, yet the standard size, the rounded corners and the magnetic strip on the back make the cards instantly recognisable. All these cards have one thing in common: they represent a personal credit. They stand for your money, your discount, your subscription and your membership. And so the cards in your wallet determine your identity.
The cards in Credit on Color were obtained from banks and major retail stores, but also from the public. Personalised debit cards, showing photographs of pets, also find a place in the exhibition.»