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Graphic Design Museum Breda, NL
December 13, 2011 – April 1, 2012

Curator: Toon Lauwe; with Hendrik-Jan Grievink and Niels Engel
Statement: «MOTI presents ‘SUPERMART’, a narrative exhibition on packaging design. Placing the seemingly everyday on a pedestal, SUPERMART is an exhibition in which packaging plays the lead.
By presenting icons such as Coca Cola, Absolut, Kikkoman, Grolsch, Nivea, Heinz and Toblerone in the museum, a different kind of supermarket emerges. SupermArt deliberately places the aesthetic side to the supermarket on display. In the sixties (Pop-Art) packaging was deliberately presented as an object of art, with the aim to free art from its staid conventions. This exhibition is turning that idea on its head. The presentation uses museum conventions to draw special attention to something ostensibly commonplace: the cheap, disposable, the gimmicky, glamorous and the business aspects of packaging design.
The best-loved brands are perceived as inspirational because they contribute to the contemporary consumer’s lifestyle. A successful brand strategy is one that precisely links the right meanings with the brand’s image and captures the consumer in tempting, associative and suggestive ways. Packaging plays a crucial part in the encounter.
Taking its lead from the colour-coordinated packaging, the exhibition takes visitors along several cases that unravel the story behind the main international and Dutch brands. Attention is given not only to historical objects and curiosities, but also to the contemporary demands that come into play when designing packaging materials; drawing attention in the shelves, hygiene, storage life and sustainability.»
Sponsors: Sligro Food Group Nederland bv, Hero Nederland bv, Albert Heijn Haagdijk Breda, C1000 bv, Coca-Cola Nederland bv, Mars Nederland bv, Nestlé Nederland bv, Ferrero bv, Iglo Nederland bv, Beckers Benelux bv, Henkel Nederland bv, Stichting Fair Trade Original, Pom Wonderful bv, Abnd Drinks Company bv, Marqt bv, Earth Concepts bv, Camps Food bv, Jumbo Supermarkten bv, Bavaria nv, Remia bv, Nestlé Waters Direct Netherlands bv, Sara Lee Household Care Nederland bv, FrieslandCampina Consumer Products Europe bv