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Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2011

Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2011 (awarded in January 2012) first held at Helmhaus Zürich, Zurich, July 5-8, 2012 and later traveling to other venues (see schedule) Statement: «The competition ‘The Most Beautiful Swiss Books’ on an annual basis. It thereby recognizes excellence in the field of book design and production, as well drawing attention to […]

Solution Greece? Zak Group

Solution Greece? Zak Group OMMU, Athens, Greece May 25 – June 16, 2012 Statement: «OMMU presents the first exhibition in Greece by the London-based design office Zak Group. For the exhibition, Zak Group presents the Sternberg Press Solution series, edited by Ingo Niermann and designed by Zak Group beginning in 2008. The Solution series invites […]


Archizines traveling exhibition, first held at the Architectural Association, London, November 5 – December 14 2011 (see schedule online) Curator: Elias Redstone Statement: «ARCHIZINES celebrates the resurgence of alternative and independent architectural publishing around the world. The touring exhibition, curated by Elias Redstone and initiated in collaboration with the Architectural Association, features architecture magazines, fanzines […]

Le secret des anneaux de saturne
Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz, Nogent-sur Marne

Le secret des anneaux de saturne Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz, Nogent-sur Marne, FR September 8 – October 23, 2011 Statement: «Le projet Le Secret des Anneaux de Saturne du graphiste français Frédéric Teschner explore les modalités de mise en place d’une exposition dont le matériau visuel et plastique est l’objet-livre. Ainsi, Frédéric Teschner est allé […]

An Art Service

OMMU, Athens, GR May 20 – June 11, 2011 Statement: «Both a graphics firm as well as an indie publisher, An Art Service acts as an extension of the artist’s studio—a place where artist’s materials are bound together with their context. OMMU presents a collection of publications, posters and stuff produced by An Art Service. […]

Learn to Read Art: A History of Printed Matter

Learn to Read Art: A History of Printed Matter Philip Feldman Gallery + Project Space at Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon April 7 – June 17, 2011 Statement: «Printed Matter is pleased to announce the opening of Learn to Read Art: A History of Printed Matter, an off-site exhibition at the Pacific Northwest […]

We Have Technology

We Have Technology March 27 – April 17, 2011 CCS Bard Galleries, New York Curator: Laurel Ptak (student, Center For Curatorial Studies at Bard College) in collaboration with Konst & Teknik (Stockholm-based design office) Statement: «A sustained platform for dispersed communication, research, and knowledge production online, invites artist Marysia Lewandowska as its inaugural resident […]

Shaping Time, by Lev Manovich

Shaping Time Graphic Design Museum Breda, NL May 11 [?] – June 2010 Curator: Lev Manovich Statement: «Lev Manovich is one of the most influential thinkers in the field of new media and digital culture. He is professor of visual arts at the University of California, San Diego and director of the Lab for Cultural […]

Kiosk: Modes of Multiplication (the book)

Kiosk: Modes of Multiplication «Since 2001, Christoph Keller’s famous archive “Kiosk – Modes of Multiplication” has been exhibited 27 times all around the world, in institutions such as the ICA (London), the Witte de With (Rotterdam), Artists’ Space (NY), the Emily Carr Institute (Vancouver), MUDAM (Luxembourg) and some biennials such as Manifesta 4, the 25th […]

Our Polite Society
MZIN Bookshop & Gallery, Leipzig

Our Polite Society MZIN Bookshop & Gallery, Leipzig, DE October 24 – November 29, 2009